Dymond Web Solutions. Yep, that’s us.

Nick Dymond


Nick Dymond is much older than he looks. Nick Dymond thinks he’s much cooler than he is. Nick Dymond loves Nick Dymond so much he named this company after himself. All that aside, he’s a pretty neat guy.

Nick started his journey into the world of web development and design back in 2005 while driving a semi-truck around the country.

That didn't end well

Since then he has dedicated his life to learning and loving web design. It certainly helps that he is ultra-anal (detail oriented and obsessive) as well as a perfectionist.

Nick Cheat Sheet

  • UX Expert
  • WordPress Expert
  • Graphic designer
  • Designing internets since 2005

Rebekah Lahring

Rebekah Lahring is awesome. Just ask anyone. She knows more about SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media and Content Optimization than ANYONE else named Rebekah Lahring.

Rebekah is the fastest learner and the most proficient problem solver (in fact, she’s looking over my shoulder giving me tips on how to type this very sentence 22% more efficiently).

Rebekah Cheat Sheet

  • SEO Expert
  • Know how to get a business going with local listings and social media
  • Keeps up on the latest Google changes to make sure sites are performing to it’s standards
  • Has received certificates from Google for completing their courses
  • Understands how to use Google Analytics to improve site performance
  • Continues to increase knowledge in content and online marketing
  • Always trying to find the latest methods to assist in site performance

DWS has many other members of its team but they are kept in the basement and only allowed out for events and outings such as company picnics.

Mystery Web Developer


Senior Mystery Web Developer


Mystery Photographer


Mystery Copy Editor


Mystery Vidiographer


Mystery Content Author


Now you know everything there is to know about us (or at least everything we could think of when it came time to submit content for this page).

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